Zest! Juice for Life 
Owner: Natalie Boddeker 


Zest! Juice for Life offers high quality, cold pressed juice made from fresh produce. Each bottle contains at least three pounds of fresh, healthy produce. 



Our Story

In August of 2013, Zest! Juice for Life was created by two friends, each on a different path toward health and well-being. 


My friend, Tonia Johns, and I saw a need for cold pressed juice in our community and became determined to fulfill that need with high quality, delicious juices.  


Each Zest! juice contains at least 3 pounds of produce! 


Zest! uses the Goodnature X-1 cold press juicer (affectionately referred to as Gordy) and a hand operated citrus juicer (named Lola) to maximize the nutrients in each bottle.


By working with local farmers when possible, we use the freshest ingredients in each bottle.



Contact Us 

Zest! Juice for Life 

Website: zestjuiceforlife.com 

Email: info@zestjuiceforlife.com

Phone: 270-535-4289

288 Boddeker Way, Bowling Green 


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