Spring Hills Farm 

Owner, Roland Hoffman 


Spring Hills Farm breeds, raises and produces naturally lean Black Angus beef, using a dry aged process to ensure tenderness and enhance flavor. Their animals are raised on pasture, with no hormones or steroids, making their beef naturally healthy. 



Our Story 

Our animals are raised on pasture, as God intended, and the meat is naturally lean and delicious! All of our beef cattle are born and raised on our farm. 


All animals are raised humanely, naturally and on good pasture, with plenty of sunshine and exercise. This makes our meat naturally high in Omega-3-fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid - two of the strongest anti-carcinogens known to man. 


Our beef is locally processed and then dry aged for two weeks to tenderize the meat and enhance flavor. 


We accept cash, check, credit card and EBT Card. 


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Spring Hills Farm 

Website: springhillsfarm.com



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479 Payne Mill Rd, Glasgow