Rose Creek Creations 

Owners: Travis and Angela Jones 


Rose Creek Creations offers a variety of soaps, lotions, bath salts and scrubs made from goat milk, lye and oils produced on their farm. They also sell jams & jellies, as well as a variety of produce and farm fresh eggs. 



About Us 

We didn’t always want to be farmers - it was just a hobby we began after we married in 2005. We raised a small garden, which we expanded each year. We added raised beds and trellises and began canning. Eventually, our hobby became our passion. 


I began making goat milk soap in 2009 after our son began having severe reactions to store bought soap.I had read that goat milk would help it. We had a very small herd of mixed goats, and, after months of research and many failed attempts, I was able to create a goat milk soap recipe that had all the qualities that I was looking for, and it helped his skin issues. I received requests from others to sell my soaps and offer different fragrances. I was qickly up to 23 different fragrances. 


Today, along with our two children, Mya and Connor, we raise chemical-free fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as well as pasture-raised chicken, rabbit and pork. We also have a herd of Saanen dairy goats which provide us with fresh milk that we turn into goat milk soap. The milk is also used in many of our other health and beauty products. I stay on the homestead and farm full-time. Travis works off the farm, as well, and also puts in a lot of hard work to make our farm thrive.  


We hope to someday have a self-sustainable farm and to educate other on the sustainable practices we employ. 


Our homestead's mission is simple: to be a local source for high quality produce, jams and jellies, goat milk soap and other health and beauty products. We utilize sustainable and responsible practices to provide the community with healthy, safe food and products and to ensure that our land is safe for generations to come. 


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Rose Creek



Phone: 270-590-2097 

141 Rose Creek Rd, Glasgow