Moore's Country Sausage 

Owners, Joe Moore and Andy Joe Moore  


Moore's Country Sausage specializes in country sausage and other pork products, as well as beef and lamb. They raise their own livestock, make their own feed from nutrient rich corn and hay grown on the farm. 



Our Story 

In 2007, my son, Andy Joe, and I formed Moore's Country Sausage, specializing in country sausage and other fresh pork products. 


Our farm, nestled alongside the Barren River in southcentral Kentucky, has remained an operating farm since it was established in 1810. Today, four generations live here, raising pigs, Angus cattle and sheep.


We believe that the highest quality meats come from healthy animals that are fed using a well managed feeding program. We make every animal's health and welfare our top priority, and we use no antibiotics or growth hormones. 


We offer pork, beef and lamb directly to customers at Bounty of the Barrens. 



Contact Us 

Moore's Country Sausage



Phone: 270-670-7493 or 270-646-2458

1630 Berry Store Road, Glasgow