Flying Nectar Farm 
Owners, Eli and Michelle Gonsalves 


Flying Nectar Farm offers seasonal produce and canned goods, including maple syrup, made without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. 



Our Story

We are both natives of Connecticut and have a passion for plants and the great outdoors. Growing up, we tended multiple residential and communal gardens and sold produce locally from a small stand in the front of our house. These humble beginnings guided our paths through college, graduating from the University of Connecticut with degrees in landscape arthitecture (Michelle) and nursery management (Eli). 


We worked professionally for several years, but longed to reconnect with our love for working and living off the land. We left the corporate world behind us and established Flying Nectar Farm in 2013.  


Today, we continually work to build healthy soils to grow crops without the use of chemicals. Our vision is to deliver the highest quality, nutrient rich produce direct from our family to yours. 



Contact Us 

Flying Nectar Farm



Phone: 270-432-7794

630 Commer Rd, Edmonton 


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