Flourishing Herbs 
Owner: Jackie Berry 


Flourishing Herbs specializes in seasonal fresh cut herbs, dried herb seasonings and teas, herbal hand crafted items for everyday living and custom gift packages.


My Story

I was always interested in landscaping and growing food, but it wasn't until we moved to Kentucky farm country that I found myself drawn to the local food movement and the farmers markets that bring high quality produce to our community. 


I began growing produce and herbs on our bio-intensive garden farm in Allen County. I use seasonal extension techniques, such as a high tunnel and row covers, which allow me to grow fresh produce year round. 


I am committed to ecological farm practices that enrich soil fertility while protecting creeks and wildlife. All of my produce and herbs are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 



Contact Us 

Flourishing Herbs 

Email: tllsw@aol.com   

Phone: 270-404-5170 

5633 Old Hartsville Rd, Scottsville 


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