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Chestnut Cove  

Owner, Tiffany Gillespie  


Chestnut Cove Farm is a small family farm that specializes in raw honey, handmade soaps, herbal salves and nourishing balms. They also offer chemical free, seasonal vegetables and herbs, as well as homemade dog treats. 



Our Story 

Being raised in Alaska in a subsistence lifestyle started me down the path of thoughtful living. I am a wife and a mother who devotes my time and energy toward creating a happy and healthy home for my family. My experience as a crafter of natural soaps and salves was a perfect match to my husband’s work in pioneering organic beekeeping practices in Kentucky.


Chestnut Cove, our small farm in Horse Cave, Kentucky, originated from our passion to provide naturally grown produce, honey and household products for our family. After realizing that desire is shared by other families in Kentucky, it became the driving force behind all of the products we offer, which include cold-processed and goat milk soap, natural lip balms, herbal salves and nourishing balms made from organic oils, beeswax, herbs and essential oils, as well as perfectly raw honey from organically managed bees. 


Even our name, Chestnut Cove Farm, communicates our dedication to healing and restoration as we strive to help restore the endangered American Chestnut tree.



Contact Us 

Chestnut Cove Farm 



Phone: 270-786-3552 

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